Enabling Next-Gen Flight Management System
to Aerospace Industry


The Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry is rapidly adopting newer technologies to address the challenges of shrinking budgets, rising operational cost, infrastructure management, MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) and a complex global supply chain. Aircraft manufacturers are using machine-learning techniques such as artificial intelligence (AI) to improve safety, productivity and quality of aircraft. Aerospace manufacturing companies are using VR technologies to improve manufacturing efficiency and create a virtual environment that allows engineers to view composite structures.

Motherson Technology Services has a very strong technical knowledge, expertise and skilled resources to drive innovation for clients across the globe. Our cutting-edge engineering services coupled with digital solutions help Aerospace OEMs and Tier 1s maximize ROI, meet compliance standards, increase quality and reduce time to market, accelerate product development and innovation cycles in an ever-changing Aerospace sector.

Our Service Offerings


  Design and development support
  Weight optimization (includes design and stress analysis)
  Sustenance engineering
  ECN/DCN/RFE/NIEOs support
  Stress dossier support


  Mechanical support
  Electrical & Hydraulics Systems
  Cabin & Interiors
  Hardware & Software Development
  Product Qualification Test & Certification Support


  Cabin System
  Cockpit Electronics
  Inflight Entertainment
  Flight Management
  Security & Surveillance Systems

After Market Support

  Technical Publications
  Reliability Engineering
  MRO Documentation
  Asset tracking and management
  AR/VR-based Training & Simulation Solutions etc.