Accelerating Industrial Growth through Digital Transformation


With Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation becoming the norm, Industrial Manufacturers are adapting to newer technologies for incremental revenue growth. The rise of technologies such as IoT, AI/ML and data analytics has paved the way for a connected ecosystem. 

Industrial production and utilization has had a strong increase in all major subsectors signaling growth and advancement in Connectivity Systems. This has led to a growth in the demand for Automation, Digitization and Innovation to create next-gen manufacturing systems. 

Motherson Technology Services with its global footprint delivers business value through its consulting & outsourcing services Industrial OEM’s. Our experience spans across the entire value chain from design & development and deployment to monitoring, testing and automation of processes, products and solutions. As a design led partner, we support our customers in developing value added solutions there by helping minimize total cost of ownership.

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End-to-end engineering R&D services portfolio

Accelerating time-to-market and monetization of products and platforms for global enterprises

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Computer Vision


Digital Twin


Case Study

Design and Development of Cooler unit for a High Voltage Welding Machine


Industrial Product Solutions

Case Study

Web HMI Application Development for Monitoring Welding Consumables