Redefining Healthcare using emerging technologies


The Healthcare and Medical Devices sector is undergoing a transformative shift with the primary focus being on Quality, Affordability and Accessibility. With innovation being at the forefront, medical device companies are adopting a strategic approach by utilizing technological advancements in areas such as mobility, wireless, cloud, and analytics to develop solutions and devices. This approach ensures lower operating costs and increase in efficiency. 

Motherson Technology Services, with its expertise in MedTech, focuses on areas such as Connected Healthcare, Patient Monitoring, Diagnostic Equipment (Imaging, X-ray, MRI, Ultrasound), Surgical & Therapeutic Devices. Our collaboration with several prominent technology enterprises ensure that we provide cutting-edge solutions utilizing advanced capabilities in areas such as IoT, AI, and ML. We are well-equipped to assist MedTech customers in expediting their new product development (NPD) programs. Furthermore, we aid customers in minimizing their research and development (R&D) operational costs through different service models.

Our Expertise

Product Engineering

Quality & Regulatory Assurance

Verification & Validation Engineering

Connected Healthcare

Remote Patient Monitoring

Digital Engineering

What Makes Us Different

Concept to Commercialization Rapid prototyping to Manufacturing handover

Team of product experts provide flexible engineering capacity

2 Decades of domain experience working with leading global OEMs

Industry Certifications & Standards


Case Study

Development of portable light therapy wearable glasses


Medical Device Solutions

Case Study

Reverse Engineering of X-Ray Tube Component