Leverage Data LakeHouse to drive
Industry 4.0 With HPE and Motherson Technology Services
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About The Webinar

To stay competitive and meet changing demands, manufacturers can no longer rely on the old paradigms. Beyond metrics such as productivity and efficiency, they must also equip themselves with agility and responsiveness. Change is the only constant in this bold new reality, and as the pace of transformation and innovation picks up, manufacturers must digitize and adapt to stay ahead.

While the sheer amount of data generated is beyond the ability of traditional algorithms to process, AI offers the ability to leverage and draw relevant, timely insights from data. Functions such as product design, enhanced operations, and workforce training, the list of applications that can benefit from AI in manufacturing is constantly growing. Data Lake-Houses are the platform on which such innovative solutions are built

Tangible outcomes that manufacturers can benefit from:

・Ensure better data accessibility, standardization, and analysis for deriving valuable insights.

・Collect, store, manage, process, and analyze data efficiency in one place in the form of intelligence, actionable insights to support decision-makers at all levels.

・Implement holistic and accurate view of operations across functions and consolidate insights for higher value generation.

・Data protection and security

Join HPE & Motherson Technology Services first joint Thai webinar, where we will discuss data lake-house and analytics-based solutions that provides intelligent insights across the entire value chain. The data powered real-time intelligence platform connects the factory shop floor to the enterprise cloud systems to enable smarter operations and faster decision making.

About The Speakers

Uraipan Wongsuwat

HPE Country Manager, Channel and Commercial
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Thailand)

Alok Tiwari


Motherson Technology Service Mid East FZ-LLC

Nattawut Dejkajonwuth

Solution Architect, HPE Presales
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Thailand)

Hariharan Ramakrishnan

Head and Vice President, Digital and Analytics Services,

Motherson Technology Service Mid East FZ-LLC

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