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Singapore will be an essential pillar in our geographic expansion strategy.
As we were starting our operations in Singapore, it is crucial for us to ensure
that the office is centrally located so that business interactions can be done
conveniently. Thus, Suntec City was an ideal choice for us.
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Motherson Technology Services embraces the power of technology to steer organisations through change. As leading innovators, we provide customised support to our clients throughout their transformation journeys to create lasting value and an innovation-led culture. Today, with Motherson Technology Services as the headquarters for the entire South East Asia, we are expanding our best-in-class services to customers across Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

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Challenges We Solve For Clients

Taking Customer Engagement to New Heights

We assure companies achieve their cost optimisation agendas by helping to improve cash flow, increase CSAT and drive revenue.

Harnessing Intelligent Automation, Talent, and Human Ingenuity

We ensures end-to-end business process transformation, helping companies to achieve their strategic business objectives.

Turning Technology into Business Outcomes

Our Digital & Analytics services provide business-ready digital innovations that can help your company develop an enterprise-wide culture of agility, flexibility, and resilience.

Enabling Business Scalability and Flexibility

Provide one-stop, end-to-end Cloud services to help you implement and realise the strategic business outcomes of your Cloud journey.

Built a Resilient Business Foundation

We start by creating a comprehensive SAP implementation roadmap which is supported by industry specific best practices to create the fastest path to address our client’s business challenges.

Drive More Value out of Your Processes

Help businesses accelerate the enterprise-wide adoption of automation with our 5D methodology that focuses on the seamless integration of RPA across your entire organisation.

Reinvent with Us

Reshape, reboot and rebuild your present for a better future

Unlocking the Full Potential of your Enterprise in Cloud

Reimagining Manufacturing with Industry 4.0

Leveraging Data and Analytics to Induce Business Resilience

Thrive in Today’s Highly Competitive World with Agile GBS

Transform Product Vision into Tangible Real-world Designs

Webinars and Events

#On-demand Webinar

Ready Set Migrate To AWS Cloud : Creating Value Beyond Cost Saving

As businesses kick off their digital transformation journey, cloud is proving to be the much-needed catalyst to tackle emerging business challenges, reshaping the way in which the existing business objectives are being accomplished.


Automating Your Finance & Accounting Journey With RPA

Enterprises are proactively trying to employ strategies that will result in cost savings, boost productivity and improve processes. Over the last ten years, automation has achieved higher levels of sophistication at a rapid pace.


Drive inspiration from the information

11th December 2023

Author: Sachin Saini

Generative AI: A Game Changer Before We Realized


Generative AI, the ability of machines to create entirely new content, has been quietly evolving under the hood of AI and machine learning advancements. From simple text generation to realistic image creation, these models are blurring the lines between human and machine creativity.


14th August 2023

Embracing Digital Change: Microsoft Azure and the Pivotal drivers Behind Cloud Migration


17th September 2021

Embedded Analytics Vs. SAP Analytics Cloud


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