Enabling Enterprise-wide digital transformation through digital & data led initiatives


 Unlock the power of data & analytics to achieve business resilience

While businesses continue to adapt to the ‘New normal’ and the ‘Next normal’; the era of digital transformation got more pronounced. In this era of interconnection, digital has become the preferred medium for people to operate. Organizations need to embrace digital transformation to enable better collaboration within the departments and between the companies, for creating superior personalized experiences for their customers and increasing the overall productivity and efficiency of their workforce.

Contextual, data-driven & timely insights enabled digital transformation gives enterprises resilience to thrive and survive in changing times. It is gaining steam across the length and breadth of all industry verticals. It’s a non-negotiable factor that provides enterprises grit to navigate uncertain times. Besides, Pandemic has accelerated the digitization of customer experience through several years

We empower organizations to embrace digital transformation by building their digital and data-driven capabilities. With our data analytics portfolio, we enable organizations to create a data-driven culture. Our offerings cover various facets of data integration, data management, and data visualization that include data engineering, big data management, business intelligence, AI & advanced analytics.

Our service portfolio helps organizations to accelerate their transformation journey. Through our consulting practice Synergia we chart the right digital transformation strategy for our clients and support them in implementing it with our core capabilities in legacy modernization, digital products and development services, testing, Microsoft center of excellence, and salesforce.

Our D&A services offer enterprises three-pronged benefits, i.e. –

We create the right digital transformation roadmap that helps organizations to adopt an agile business model. It equips them with the right strategy, structure, process, people, and technology. Our Digital & Analytics offerings are designed to guide your technological transformation and data management efforts. We augment the digital and data analytics capabilities of organizations by setting up future-ready, easy-to-implement processes and systems.



A Design Led Digital
Transformation Framework.

  • A journey from Chaos to Clarity with a clear roadmap.
  • Enabling enterprises to think from the customer perspective.
  • Humanizing technology driven solutions with design thinking.
  • A collaborative framework creating exceptional customer experiences,
  • Driving better business outcomes.

Our Approach - Synergia

Collaborative digital transformation journeys

Synergia | Workstreams.

Workshop 1 | Strategic Vision

  • Explore Business Landscape
  • Audit Technology Ecosystem
  • Business Driven Use-Cases Building

Workshop 2 | Actuating Vision

  • Grouping Use Cases | Project Scoping
  • Prioritizing Project Roadmaps
  • Project Budgeting & Project Timelines
  • Define Project Acceptance Criteria
  • Critical Success Factors


Synergia Studio

  • Design & Prototype
  • Build & Test
  • Deploy & Support

Synergia | Deliverables

Scope of Transformation

Business As Is (KTLO) Enhance & Emerge Buy Vs Build

Sequential Solution Planning

Functional & Systems Requirement Specification Detailing

UX & Wireframes

User stories & digitally driven experiences in form of wireframes for app, portal & platform

Technology Stack

Complete visibility of technology stack including all Development frameworks, service and product integrations

Team Mapping & Deliverables

Timeline of phase wise Team Composition, with capacity planning considering and milestone to be achieved

Phase Wise Plan
Product / Solution

Sequential transition plan to switch from existing solution landscape to new solution landscape

User Profiling, Research & User Journeys

A comprehensive detailing for development of app, portal, & platform

Interactive Prototypes/Storyboard

Interactive prototype/Storyboarding depicting realistic experiences excluding data integration

Architecture Platforms & Solutions

Graphical representation of new infrastructure (Cloud), Application & Platform Level

Synergia | Studio

Innovation as a Service

Partners in your Innovation Journey

  • A journey from Chaos to Clarity with a clear roadmap.
  • Enabling enterprises to think from the customer perspective.
  • Humanizing technology driven solutions with design thinking.
  • A collaborative framework creating exceptional customer experiences,
  • Driving better business outcomes.

What we do

Visual Interface & Experience Design

Functional Prototype Development

Viable Product Design

Customer Experience

R&D and

Our Digital Service Offerings

Immersive Interactive

Harness the power of immersive, interactive services and solutions to thrive in this digital age of disruption.
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Legacy Transformation

Begin your modernization journey by simplifying process automation, technology, platform, data, UI/UX modernization, cloud migration, and adopting SaaS-based model
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Microsoft CoE

Achieve your key business outcomes by implementing Microsoft CoE services leveraging several Microsoft development tools, platforms, and technologies.
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Forecast, track and transform sales processes with Salesforce license trading, consulting, bundled services, customizations and iMacros RPA.
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Product Engineering

Experience exceptional and rapidly growing new-age digital products with our innovative products, services, and solutions.

Testing as a Service

Lower your operational cost, improve time to market and increase operational efficiency with our array of Testing services.

Our Analytics Service Offerings

Big Data Management

Organizing scattered enterprise data centrally through advanced data engineering techniques

BI and Data Visualization

Simplify complex data interpretation, get faster and accurate reporting, analysis, and planning through intelligent insights, dynamic dashboards, trend analysis, and metric-driven notifications.

Data Science: AI, ML, NLP, Computer Vision & Advanced Analytics

Power your businesses by simplifying & automating processes, gathering market intelligence, improving business predictions, extracting intelligent insights for making smarter decisions

Real-Time Streaming Analytics

Process large diverse data sets in near real-time to enable data-led decision making on the go


Maximize your financial performance with a centralized view on operational planning, strategic objectivities, financial KPIs, and forecasting

Our Digital and Analytics Partners

Our Solutions

Accelerate business value with our smart data & analytics solutions

Motherson MOTIF

An advanced analytics platform providing intelligent insights for smarter business decisions across business value chain

Motif Lakehouse

Blending the power of BI & data science - a single platform for easy data governance and management


A cognitive, AI/ML led data platform that solves complex business problem by studying historical data & identifying patterns


A Customer Data Intelligence Platform offering a 360 degree (complete view) of customer activities across multiple touch points

Case Studies

Converging transformation and growth to integrate innovation