(Intelligent Data Acquisition and Control System)

Create a Smarter Future with Modern Production Management and Analysis


Upgrade to smart manufacturing with iDACS

The rapidly changing market demands and the need to pace up production require a highly agile and proactive manufacturing environment. Implementation of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can easily help manufacturers overcome all operational challenges and get real-time visibility by dynamically synchronising 4M (machines, materials, manpower, and methods).

As a leading innovation-driven company, We offers you iDACS (Intelligent Data Acquisition and Control System)—a homegrown, configurable, and highly flexible hybrid manufacturing suite that can facilitate seamless technology-led transformation. Leverage IoT and interactive AI-enabled systems with iDACS to facilitate inter-connectivity, intelligent manufacturing, and operational excellence. Built on the most practical use cases learnt while supporting 270+ plants of the Motherson group across the globe, iDACS is the best solution for enabling production automation and optimising manufacturing operations.

Our Industry 4.0 Capabilities

Upgrade to Industry 4.0 with a tailored technology-led transformation approach

Comprehensive Implementation and Integration Enablement by MES

IoT-powered Data Acquisition for Better and Quick Decision-making

Cloud-ready and Highly Configurable Architecture

Technology-powered Analytic Engine to Unlock Powerful Insights

Simulation of Technology for Performance Tuning

API-enabled Integration

Augmented Reality Support for Better Performance

Core Competencies of iDACS

Know all that iDACS can do for you

Data Acquisition

Acquires data through industry-standard protocols and IoT frameworks for asset analysis

Maintenance Management

Addresses and assists the technology transformation with a digitised log book

Internal Logistics

Provides visibility on internal material movements and WIP control

Production Control

Executes production plans based on defined routes

Track & Trace

Enables end-to-end product genealogy along with forward material tracking and reverse traceability across the supply chain

User Guidance System

Guides manpower for efficient operations, proactive actions, and better control

Quality Management

Ensures quality throughout the manufacturing cycle

Analytics Powered Evaluation

Integrates AI capabilities into manufacturing to enable data-driven decision-making

Stores and Warehouse Management

Provides real-time inventory visibility for better resource optimisation

JIT/JIS Management

Enables systemised and lean manufacturing to reduce inventory costs, decrease waste, and increase efficiency


Drive operational efficiency and productivity with iDACS

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