Industry 4.0 in the Post-COVID Era:

An ASEAN Perspective

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COVID-19 has hit us all hard. No nation could escape the disruption it brought in terms of daily life, business, or finance. It completely devastated our understanding of business operations and execution. Larger, developed nations had the resources to right the crisis. But for developing nations, including the ASEAN countries, the challenges were more heightened. Hence, the ASEAN manufacturers that were once known as a global phenomenon struggled to claim their title of the factories of the future. However, despite all the upheaval, COVID 19 also opened a window of opportunity. The one, and perhaps the only, good thing that the pandemic has done is accelerate digital adoption. While several Asian countries have evolved to become global leaders, ASEAN nations are still considered places for assembly work. However, the novel coronavirus has brought a shift in the mindset of these nations. They now see an opportunity through digital technologies for overall development.

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