DevOps Automation

Enabling enterprises for faster deployment and accelerate time-to-market

Why Enterprises need DevOps

Organizations today are looking more and more towards automation to shorten time to market, get quick feedback from customers, providing quality software, quick recovery from any crashes, minimize defects and save overall development cost. Thus, the need for DevOps get spawned as it helps enterprises in responding to new requirements quickly and address the problems efficiently that occur in production. This speed enables organizations to better serve their customers and get the competitive edge. Organizations that adopt DevOps are more easily able to release and monitor next-generation applications. With DevOps, an enterprise achieves.


Increased Business Agility

Faster Deployment Cycles

Faster Innovation Adoption

Reduce Downtime and Failures

Enhanced Security

Stable Environment to Ensure Always Available Application

Our DevOps Offering Stack

We envisioned to provide a digital-ready environment and architecture for businesses to quickly build and deploy without worrying about scaling, infra management and cost. Our DevOps practices focus on streamlining the development and deployment processes of enterprises. Our DevOps service portfolio comprises.


DevOps in Cloud

 Cloud architecture design

Cloud readiness assessment

Cloud migration services

Managed cloud services

Cloud consulting services


Serverless architecture

Serverless maintenance

Serverless consulting


Microservices architecture design

Visual analytics – self server BI

MIS – reporting

DevOps As a Service

DevOps assessment & audit

DevOps implementation from scratch – road mapping & strategy design

DevOps consulting

Release management

Infrastructure As Code

Infrastructure automation

Infrastructure as code implementation in cloud

Infrastructure as code implementation on-prem


Continuous integration (CI) implementation

Continuous delivery (CD) implementation

CI/CD consulting

Container Services

Container orchestration

Container management service

Security evaluation and hardening

Kubernetes managed services

Log Management

Log management

Log monitoring

Log reporting


DevOps : A Continuous Process

Enterprise adopts DevOps practices to transform their development and delivery. The journey of DevOps is one with several steps and stages. It can be defined by simply breaking down the typical stages to ensure streamlined process and operational efficiency.

Continuous planning​

Continuous development

Version control

Continuous testing

Continuous integration

Continuous deployment

Configuration              management

  Containerisation tools

Repositories ​

Release automation​

Continuous monitoring​

Continuous Optimization

Our DevOps Toolkit


AWS CodeBuild

AWS CodeArtifact

AWS CodeDeploy

AWS CodePipeline

AWS CloudFormation

AWS Cloud Development Kit

AWS OpsWorks

Amazon Cloud Watch

Amazon Event Bridge

AWS CloudTrail


AWS Inspector

AWS GuardDuty

Amazon Elastic Container Service

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

Third Party Services







Case Studies

Converging transformation and growth to integrate innovation


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